One Under the Sun

Humanity's Last Hope is no longer Human.

"One Under the Sun" is a drama/suspense/mystery/supernatural/sci-fi feature film starring Pooja Batra.  Copyright 2016.


Astronaut Kathryn Voss, sole survivor of a disastrous space mission, is desperate to reunite with her terminally ill daughter but becomes a fugitive when the government discovers she’s returned to earth with an extraordinary gift.



“One Under the Sun” is a layered narrative look into our humanity.  Exploring the unexplored oceans of our universe, to reanimating a hidden power within all of us, protagonist Kathryn Voss invites us on an emotional journey into the human spirit while facing our darkest demons.  Accompanied by an international team of astronauts, this voyage to Mars, once imagined as science fiction, is now realized as science fact.



In July, 2012 scientist In Geneva, Switzerland announced the discovery of the Higgs Boson/Particle which proved the standard model that everything in the universe is made of "mass". From distant planets, grains of stardust and every human being. UCLA astrophysics professor, David Cline, was part of the American division to create the Large Hadron Collidor.

On June 2015, Director Vincent Tran had an exclusive interview with Dr. David Cline and discussed how the discovery could change our political and religious system. One week later, David Cline passes away from a heart attack. His last words to the director; "See this film through. If people knew this discovery, it would end all conflicts and war."

Directors Vincent Tran and Riyaana Hartley come from immigrant families who migrated to America from war torn countries. Political and religious warfare has been embedded in human history without any signs of hope. The question surfaced; How can we stop war? Will it take decades?

"One Under the Sun" is a theoretical feature film to end global warfare in one day. Starring a strong diverse cast, thought provoking story and an emotional experience through human connection.



Earth is our living home, shared by all of human kind. Unfortunately, you wouldn't know it by our behavior. We kill millions of people every year with violence, we spend hundreds of billions of dollars on militaries around the world, we destroy the planet gobbling up resources and exploiting peoples worldwide for profit. 

How is this happening when we could be investing in a sustainable, interdependent future? We could be working together to achieve the impossible? Governments, media, corporations and even religious organizations have infiltrated the minds of people everywhere, seeding a dangerously divisive illusion of separation. The picture is painted of us vs. them, get yours before it's gone, don't trust anyone and protect yourself at all costs. And so they pull on the strings of fear to coerce our compliance and cooperation. But we cannot so simply say it was all them, the nefarious powers that be that did this to us because we have a choice, we've always had a choice. 

With so many people still asleep to the truth of our times, Earth may soon be our burial ground. And if we cannot identify ourselves as one with each other and the Earth, how can we truly imagine living on another planet?

The creators of "One Under the Sun" developed this sci-fi suspense feature film from roots in the discovery of the Higgs Boson particle and inspiration from the "overview effect", a spiritual awakening and cognitive shift experienced by astronauts. 

The film's mission.... a day without war.



Let’s take a moment here, and think about who we are, where we came from, how we ended up here, and where we are going next. With the future being unknown to the naked eyes, we may not have answers to all of these questions or maybe we believe that our life is based on what we know thus far. This isn’t entirely true, simply because there is life beyond our cultures, religions, thoughts, feelings, emotions, and experiences (good or bad). Our existence on earth is to connect and share ourselves with human beings from all walks of life for millions of reasons, mainly to do and spread good that we’ve collected from our universe so far. We live in a world where there is substantial need for extending love and goodness to one another through simplest of gifts like human connection. But just how do we create a life with a sustainable and fruitful future? 

There is already so much negativity today (as well as in the past) and all we can do is try to change it one day at a time. It just takes that one extraordinary step to say yes, to say that we want to help change the world for the better, to say that we want to make someone smile today, to say that we want to be the reason for someone’s growth and progress, and many more. It doesn’t matter what our religion is, or our ethnicity, and it most certainly doesn’t matter how rich or poor we may be. What matters here is that we all share the same planet, hence we live in the same space. 95% of the time, individuals just think about these few things, and then stop. We don’t always follow through with our thoughts and desires relating to do good for others. We don’t always take the necessary actions required on our part to make that effort of a chance to end what we feel is just not right for any of us. When we walk into the ocean and touch the water, we’ve touched just about everyone in the world, because that water has traveled around the globe touching others. It connects us instantly to the entire world. And this very same way, One Under the Sun is like another extended piece of the ocean that’s set to bring people together of all kinds to end the things we don’t wish upon us or on anyone. We’ve created a lifelong movement through the film to re-define the meaning of unity and its strength to end war in a day. And, it is our sincere effort to create a space where anyone can take a step forward and join hands with another and use their collaborative power to increase the longevity of this mission.

“It’s all about doing GOOD, for others, for ourself, for anyone and everyone, as if it is a necessity for life.” — Sunny Vachher